The Book

It’s yonks since I’ve written here, and I don’t know if many people come here anymore, but I wanted to make an announcement… My Shitty Twenties the BOOK will be published next summer by the mighty and lovely Salt Publishing.

I know it’s been a long time coming, because panic and time have been against me, but I have defeated both now, and it is really on its way.

The old blog posts were about Tom as a toddler, mainly; the book is about Tom as a baby and a foetus before that, and how it felt to become a mother on my own. When I was pregnant, I wanted to read everything I could about people who had managed on their own. There was little to be found that wasn’t either a) fiction or b) real life but the father relented in the end and at least sent birthday cards or came to visit sometimes. I couldn’t find anything about someone doing it completely alone in real life, so I wrote that book. I still get emails from women all over the world who are on their own and pregnant and I hope my book will help them.

If you are reading this and you used to come here often, Tom is 10 and a half now and I am well into my thirties and my shitty / not-so-shitty-depending-on-the-day twenties are over. Tom makes me proud every day and we are both really happy. There is a man in our lives, too, which seemed impossible most of the time when I was still worrying about my stripy abdomen and other insignificant stuff, and we both love him very much.

My new writing blog is here, so do sign up. Also, if you’ve been trying to email me on my old email address, STOP – it doesn’t work and is the one.

Thanks if you are one of the people who read, commented on and encouraged me with my blog in the olden days – you gave me confidence in my writing and a wonderful sense of company when I was living alone and my two-year-old was tucked up in his cot bed.

More news on the book as it comes in. For now, here’s the cover:



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