Five Week Month

Summer is here (allegedly) and although it feels like everyone should be claiming a discount because it’s broken, it still costs a bomb.
Not only are there a load more fun ways to fill weekends at this time of year, but there’s extra childcare to be found. If you’re a parent, unless you’re a miracle worker / teacher / have access to a nanny of some sort, it’s a puzzle.
Tom has been going to a football academy, which is working well on three levels:
a) He enjoys it, keeps fit and is in the great outdoors
b) He is getting better at football, which is always useful in the playground if you’re a boy
c) I don’t feel guilty about the fact that I don’t know anything about football and would never in a million years be able to teach him
The thing is that the childcare and summer fun all need paying for. Not only that, August is a FIVE WEEK MONTH. If you get paid the last Friday of the month and you think you are getting paid two weeks on Friday, take a deep breath and look at a calendar. The last day of the month is cruelly a Friday, which means you’re not getting paid for another three weeks (sorry.) Gone are the days of the emergency credit card (and therein lies half the problem, in all its horrible maxed-outness) so you have to look at other ways to bridge the chasm between when you hit your overdraft limit and when you get paid.
What can you do? Well, last week, my friend and I held a photo shoot in the alley behind my house. We got some great looks from the neighbours as we ‘styled’ a load of polyester dresses and atrocious jumpers (no idea where they came from) with a pair of hipster glasses and my cat. Honestly – put all that against the graffiti on the back of my kitchen and it looks like Hoxton (and drastically increases the amount people are willing to bid for the clothes.)
If flogging vintage clothes isn’t for you (or you were never stupid enough to buy a dress that you were never going to wear in real life,) you’ll have to think of something else. You could also take all the coppers that are knocking about to one of those clattery machines and have them turned into real money (if you’ve ever hoovered up a two pence piece and not fished it out of the dust, shame on you – you’ll regret it now.)
Another thing you could do would be to sell gold (although if the sum total of all the gold you’ve ever owned is one tangled Elizabeth Duke chain in the ballerina jewellery box at your Mum’s house, you might struggle.)
Finally, if you write a blog, you could always look into monetising it, even if you never thought you would.
In case you hadn’t noticed, this post is sponsored. 


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3 responses to “Five Week Month

  1. Hehee. Hope they are tiding you over til pay day!

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