Mother’s Little Helper

“Really important: do NOT let me forget my debit card!”

I was standing at the top of the stairs, in a towel, flinging down shorts and a t-shirt and individual socks which Tom was to put on very quickly whilst I got dressed, did something with my hair and put on some make-up. We were getting the train to Mum’s and after a slow morning drinking coffee and not checking the train times, I’d realised it was time to go. Now.

When I came downstairs, panicking, hair still sopping but with a couple of minutes to spare, I found this:

He knows me too well.

Not been writing here much lately; at the moment, all spare time is about finishing the book…


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4 responses to “Mother’s Little Helper

  1. Lyra B-W

    Aw bless him! That is the cutest 🙂 really love the drawing as well!!

  2. Hope the book is coming together well! Very exciting 🙂 And I’m sure Tom is an attentive editor!

    • Emily

      Ha, thanks – maybe he should be my editor. I only get to work on it at weekends, so it’s a slow labour of love, but feel like the end is in sight now.

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