Trois, deux, une… Holiday Countdown Time

“Mum, why don’t you get some French wine to get you in the mood for our French holiday?” said Tom in the supermarket last week.

“That’s not a bad idea.”

I would have picked it up if it wasn’t for the fact they won’t serve me in there without my passport. (Ridiculous business.)

One thing I really need my passport for is our holiday. Ever since we found out that I won it in the Al Fresco / Tots100 competition, France and all things French have touched almost every conversation Tom and I have had. School runs, bus journeys, night-nights: all of them have contained some sort of countdown, basic French phrases or discussion about French food. (Is it cruel that I told him French ice cream only comes in snail or frogs’ legs flavour? He didn’t believe me.) Neither of us have ever been to France, never mind the glamorous-sounding South of France, so it’s fair to say we’re really excited… and now it’s very nearly time to go.

The beach (the beach!)

Al Fresco gave us five beautiful parcs to choose from. It was a tough choice, but in the end I went for Yelloh! Village Le Club Beach Farret in Vias Plage in the Languedoc. Why? I always thought European holiday parcs were for people with cars, but this one is only 12 miles away from Beziers Airport, making it perfect for those of us who can’t (or are terrified to) drive. And although Al Fresco recommend a car, there’s plenty to see and do within walking distance…

Nearby, there is a theme park, a treetop adventure course, horse riding, mini golf and lots of vineyards. Club Farret is also close to the lovely-looking Canal du Midi, which probably contains less shopping trolleys than the canal near us. The centre of Vias Plage is within walking distance, so we’ll be able to go to the market, practise our shoddy Francais and pick up food to cook back at our mobile home.

Entrance to the Beach Farret area

All of Al Fresco’s mobile homes are in their own separate, sandy area right beside the beach at Club Farret, which was another reason why I chose this parc. Being able to eat breakfast on the verandah and then walk down to the sea is about as idyllic as things get. Inside, the accommodation looks pretty swanky, with no pink draylon, brown formica or net curtains in sight. In fact, I’ve got a feeling our mobile home is going to be nicer than our real life, stationary one. In the evening, Tom will no doubt want to see the evening entertainment –  I can’t wait to hunker down with a notebook when he’s tucked in and listen to the sea.

Fancy mobile home

As well as the fancy mobile homes and Mediterranean beach, Club Farret has loads going on. Tom must have made me watch the parc’s promotional video more times than repeats of Total Wipeout (a lot.) He’s really looking forward to the play area, pool, children’s activities and the pirate ship themed restaurant. While he’s off playing games and making things, I’m going to slip into the spa and enjoy some peace and pampering.

It all sounds excellent, doesn’t it? I’ll be reporting back on our return. If you’ve ever been to the Languedoc and can recommend some things to see and do, let me know…

Just look at that pool


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6 responses to “Trois, deux, une… Holiday Countdown Time

  1. Never been to Languedoc but starting to feel kind of sad that I haven’t! Those pictures are stunning and I’m utterly jealous. Profite de tes vacances en France and come back rested and refreshed!


  2. ragged thread

    Bon voyage and have a brilliant holiday..Looking forward to the report! x

    • Emily

      Thank you.. it was magnifique and the report will be coming before long… Back in dreary, Jubilee-mad Britain and missing the Languedoc like mad xx

  3. Lou

    Stubbled across your blog a few months ago. Spent a lot of time viewing all of your posts from the begining and being absolutely blown away with your style of writing, short, to the point, with an edge, but most importantly real.

    I gather from your blog you are writing a book and I think you should, but I think you have lost your way, which is a shame. Last 3 posts are sponsored by someone or another and reads like a really long winded advertisement. Long gone are the short, innocent, but ultimately real stories of the past and its a shame.

    • Emily

      Hi Loulajo,

      This blog has changed, you’re right. I’m not sure how far back you read if you only found it a few months ago (the posts from the very beginning haven’t been here for over a year) but it started with being the shocked, often lonely, relatively new mum of a toddler. Now, that toddler is six and I am not as shocked or lonely cross as I was (thankfully,) so stuff has changed, naturally. Writing was cathartic back then; now this blog is somewhere to write about parenting issues and the experiences my son and I have together (all of which are real.) I used to avoid reviews altogether, then I realised there were some pretty wonderful experiences to be had and to share. (Be glad I declined to review the weight-loss cycling shorts, potty training systems and mouse mats.) Writing has brought about lots of opportunities, including the chance to write about travel with my son, one of our favourite things. This holiday was a prize, won in a writing competition. We’ve just got back and it was unforgettable, in all the right ways. Tom said to me on the plane home “what a good month I’ve had: Wales, Spellbound Forest and France. Thanks for entering the competition, Mum.” I ain’t going to apologise for that. Part of my prize is to write about how our amazing holiday went, so do avoid if it’s not for you! I haven’t lost my way, but I have changed direction. Thanks for taking the time to comment – and for enjoying the other stuff.


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