This is Monty. He has got stunning stripes, a nose like red brick and a purr like a pneumatic drill. I am in love, and so is Tom.

The landlord said yes to the cat, so we went to the RSPCA.

“Tomorrow is cat day,” I told Tom the night before. And I woke in the morning to this:

When I went into Monty’s pen, he jumped up, put one paw on each of my shoulders and headbutted me. That was that.

I trust Monty  with Tom. He rolls on his back and asks him to tickle his sable tummy. When he has had enough, he makes a noise like a telephone and gently taps him with his paw. He snuggles up next to us on the sofa when I am listening to Tom read. He keeps me company in the evening when I am writing.

“I just can’t wait to get home and see Monty,” says Tom, whenever we have been out of the house for longer than ten minutes.

Apart from a bit of cat flatulence, Tom is besotted. He talks to him and draws him pictures and makes him signs, like this:

And I think I might be becoming a crazy cat lady. Although I haven’t made him any pictures or signs yet, I do find myself chatting to him.

“Please don’t eat my computer cable, that’s really dangerous, why don’t you play with one of your toys instead?”

I’ve never been able to understand parents who say they stopped going out when they had children because they can’t bear to leave the kids behind. But last night, Monty nearly kept me in with a head-tipped-to-the side, wide-eyed, quizzical stare.

“Where are you going Mum? It’s late. Why don’t you snuggle up on the sofa with me?”

I’ll stop going on about him now, but the main thing is that Monty is just a mega, stripey, soft and loving cat who we really do adore. The fact his last owners didn’t want him makes me love him about a hundred and fifty times more. If you are thinking of getting an animal any time soon and you live in this neck of the woods, please go to Manchester and Salford RSPCA. They have loads of lovely animals in need of happy homes and they come microchipped, deflead, wormed, neutered, vaccinated and tested for FIV. They won’t rehome animals as presents, which is understandable. Read their blog here and donate to them here.

This is not a review post, but if it was, Monty and the service provided by Manchester and Salford RSPCA would get a definite 10/10.


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6 responses to “Monty

  1. Ah he is gorgeous, very similar to my Charger. I also really think for children in our circumstances it is very positive to have a pet to share their lives with. But don’t forget very soon that cat will own you 🙂

    • Emily

      Definitely! And sitting next to the king of the house right now, I am one hundred per cent already owned. Thanks, Jo – and all the best to you and your boy for the new year.

  2. Ragged Thread Cartographer

    Hello, cat-mad woman here.. That nose is something else. Headbutting is something that floors you, incontrovertibly, and there are no defences for it known to man. Or woman. Nor purring like a traction engine. Have just adopted another cat, straying or rather becoming permanent garden ornament, so she’s in, been vetted and found basically healthy thank god. Give Monty a kiss from me. xx

    • Emily

      Thank you so much. He is an absolute joy – sitting right here now all content and snoring. Have fun with your new lady and well done for giving her a home.

  3. shadowsmith10

    I love, love hearing stories about rehomed/rescued cats who end up with a loving family like yours. I think you’re awesome for choosing to adopt from RSPCA and really lucky to have found a lovely cat like Monty.

    -mother of one adorable furface

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