“Mum, we need some new wood shavings for Duncan,” said Tom, as we walked past the pet shop.
“So we do.”
I searched my bag for change. The shavings are two pounds for a big bag, but I’d forgotten to bring my card out with me and didn’t have any cash.
“I haven’t got enough money Tom, we’ll have to get them tomorrow.”
We’d walked away when I reached into my pocket and found a two pound coin wrapped in a till receipt.
“Go on then, we’d better get them.” I said, even though it was biting cold and I wanted to get Tom home and fed.
Sods law says the gerbil dies tonight, I thought as I carried the big bag home.
And he did.
It was the middle of the night when I noticed. The house was quiet and I couldn’t hear him rattling about in his tank downstairs. I covered him with bedding, moved the new bag of shavings from where I’d dumped them in the hallway and went back to bed. After that, I couldn’t sleep. There were a few tears – for Tom and how much he loved his pet. He always included the gerbil when talking about his family and I couldn’t bear to see him sad.

“The thing is,” I said when the time came, “Gandhi died over a year ago so he will have been waiting for Duncan for ages in Gerbil Heaven and now that he’s got there, they’ll be racing round and running through tubes and digging and having loads of fun together.”

“Yeah. I am a bit sad but I am also quite happy that he gets to hang around with Gandhi again.”

I put Duncan in one of Tom’s little shoe boxes and padded it out with shredded paper. He was all curled up like a dormouse so it wasn’t too horrible. There wasn’t anywhere to bury him, so I paid a fiver for the vet to take him. I know it’s a freezer and an incinerator but it’s slightly better than the wheely bin.We said goodbye in the waiting room and off he went in his shoebox.

“Bye, Duncan!” shouted Tom, without any signs of sadness at all.

On the way home, we picked up some shopping. Afterwards, Mum rang and asked to speak to Tom.

“Tell her where we’ve just been,” I whispered.


“Tell Nan where we’ve just been.”


I have just sent my landlord a text message: “Hi it’s Emily. I hope you’re well. Is there any way on earth you would ever consider giving me written permission to rehome a cat?”


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6 responses to “Duncan

  1. Love this! May Duncan rest in peace. I’m glad you got those woodchips. He chose his time wisely. This is my story about a mouse that broke my heart: http://katekatharinaferguson.wordpress.com/2011/11/14/the-mouse/

    • Emily

      Thanks Kate. I have just read that and I think the mouse broke my heart too. Those traps are not humane! A beautifully written tale though, thanks for sending me there.

  2. For a moment there I stopped: Gandhi died in the 40’s not last year! Hehe! Well done you… and Tom, bereavement’s not easy but Aldi always helps!

  3. Aww! Bless you for crying over his predicted sadness and then the like of Aldi was all it took to put Duncan out of his mind!

    By the way, you have AMAZING names for your pets!

    • Emily

      Thanks.. the boy named Duncan when he had just turned three. He wanted to name our cat Cybercat but is sadly backing out of that one..

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