Kwik Fit 2

Children who are learning to read like to read every single sign they see out loud. Really loud. My child is especially good at three letter, constonant-vowel-constonant words. And sometimes, he shouts them out five times, in the street, before I see the thing he’s looking at.

Now he really, really, really wants to know what it means.

Answers on a postcard (or in the comments section) (please) …



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9 responses to “Kwik Fit 2

  1. Ragged Thread Cartographer

    I’ve written three suggestions and they’re all crap so I’ve dumped them. I don’t what I’d say at that early age. I do remember my niece’s little boy had a thing about sticks, and on Christmas Eve Carols at the local church he, having a slight temporary lisp, saw the shepherd’s crook stuck in the end of our pew and kept shouting out, really loudly “Dick! Dick!”
    And she took him back to the house.

  2. mumsyjr

    I totally chickened out and just read my kid “Where Did I Come From?” Of course then when my sister got married she brought it to her and said “there’s some rubbing involved but I think you guys can manage it”. And I was deeply relieved that my sister has a sense of humor (not everyone does when it comes to kids saying things about sex).

  3. Given his age, he may want (or be satisfied) with a very simple answer, like ,”That word is sex. Sex can mean a couple of different things, but in this case, they’re talking about how babies are made”, because sex can also mean “male” or “female” or “intersex”, etc. It may very well be that he ends it there with an “Oh, okay”. On the chance that he says “how are babies made?” you can get into “it’s something that grown-ups do with their bodies”, but he may not even push it past that. I think the key is to stress that grown-ups do it and so he doesn’t have to be concerned with figuring it out yet, which I think is often what stresses kids out when their parents don’t talk to them about it.

  4. Goodness… I don’t envy you this one! I’m waiting for one of my preschoolers to ask the “Where do babies come from?” question (at which point I will promptly turn them back over to their parents, lol!).

  5. Ann

    It’s a game that grown ups play? I think that’s how my grandmother explained it to me at his age. Very glad that I don’t have to be the one to answer that question!!!

  6. Ha That is so funny : I have had the same experience recently with my 6 year old son on a bus! He very tactfully read it in his head first, though, then wanted to know why they would put that in the bus. Tell them, I say : before its too embarrassing, and while they can still find the idea of the man putting a little rubber hat over his willy hilarious!

  7. Emily

    Thanks all you lot. He didn’t ask again after that night. It’s going to come up soon, of course it is, I just wasn’t expecting it yet. He tries to read absolutely everything he sees, everywhere. I reckon I’ll be ready for the questions next time..

  8. When my 8 year old was 7, he was in the bloke’s bog in The Woodstock and asked my husband what ‘that’ is. ‘That’ being the condom machine. My husband replied, ‘ask your mum.’ So he did. So I told him. I did try a one sentence answer but that lead to another question and then an another, so I just came clean. He was completely sane about it all. I’ve no idea if he still remembers the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ but knowing him, he probably does, as he’s just reeled off major detail about a minor incident that happened years ago.

    • Emily

      Yep, he probably does remember – but how great that he was sane about it all. Mine’s only five at the moment, but I know we don’t have long to go before we have to start talking about all that. He knows what tampons are, actually.

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