Kwik fit

“Mum, does that say quick fit?”

“Yes, but that is not how you spell quick.”

“Don’t be horrible, they’re trying their best. The English language is really hard.”


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5 responses to “Kwik fit

  1. Haha brilliant! Feel like I’ve found a kindred spirit here – loved your post on apostrophes too!

  2. Ragged Thread Cartographer

    That boy just gets better and better…. x

  3. les

    just wanted to say that your blog is marvellous. I love getting the updates. So much better that the other blogs I subscribe to. I did write to you last year (and didn’t receive a reply) re one of your posts…just wanted to let you know that you are brilliant.

    • Emily

      Thanks so much for reading – and taking the time to comment. Thanks for writing to me too. I am so sorry I didn’t receive it, perhaps it landed in my junk mail. Thanks for continuing to read despite the fact I appeared to be completely ignorant!

  4. biscuit face

    It’s xes spelled backwards…. and guess what… some words say the same forwards and backwards like pop… mam… and poop. DISTRACT HIM… it’s the only way!

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