“I wish I had a dad.”
“Sorry about that, I don’t know what I can do.”
“You could find a boyfriend who could be like my best grown up friend.”
“If any man was going to come into our lives, he would have to be excellent.”
“Yeah. He’d have to be kind and funny and clever and honest and good at cleaning and even though being handsome isn’t the most important thing, it would be good if he was a little bit handsome too.”
“Like a man version of me then?”
“Sort of, but he’d have to be modest.”
“Where can you get a man like that from?”
“Good question.”
“How about Salford?”
“I can’t just go out into Salford and look for man.”
“Can you get men on the internet?”
“As it happens, there are websites where you can go and choose a man after looking at his photograph and a list of his hobbies but it all seems a bit silly.”
“Yeah Mum, don’t do that. It does sound a bit silly.”
“Let’s carve the pumpkins.”


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3 responses to “Pumpkins

  1. Lovely. And well done for committing to pumpkin carving. You’re a better mother than me.

    • Emily

      Thanks. I haven’t actually started yet. We’ve got four. The plan is to make four lanterns and soup, but that might be a bit over-ambitious.

  2. Several of my mates and an Aunt who know lives in Spain met lovely & very modest men on the interweb. Hehe. Don’t knock it till…you know the rest. I made a brilliant pumpkin soup the other day but now need pumpkins to carve too. Well done you.

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