The apostrophe

All over the country (and particularly round here,) there are rogue apostrophes. I often wonder: is it the signwriters who throw them in or the shop owners themselves – and why doesn’t either party intervene before it’s too late? Also, why do people seem to think that a noun ending in a vowel requires an apostrophe: Pizzas, photos, potatoes (or potato’s?) Why do people still not get the difference between you’re and your? Why does no one remember the rule about ‘its’ not needing the possesive apostrophe and ‘it’s’ meaning ‘it is’?

Yes I’m a geek, but I can’t help but spot misplaced apostrophes at twenty paces.

Yesterday came my proudest moment as a mum so far.

It was better than the first wobbly steps, better than the inaugural “Mama” (which came after “dada”, should any further proof be required that “dada” is simply a noise.) It was better than the first tooth (which is not an achievement, but is treated like one in certain mother and baby circles,) better than the first full potty (for obvious reasons.)

Yesterday, while I was sitting at the laptop working, Tom did a piece of writing that included a beautifully formed, correctly placed, possesive apostrophe.

“How did you know to put that there?” I said.

“I dunno,” he said, “I just did.”

My work here is done.



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6 responses to “The apostrophe

  1. Yay, Tom! And yay, Emily!

    If you hate a misused apostrophe, I bet you hate a misused set of quotation marks. Enter the best blog EVER:

  2. Emily

    I love it! Thanks Valerie – unnecessary quote marks really do my geeky head in too.

  3. Mistake’s usually happen’s when people’s typing’s fast.

  4. Ragged Thread Cartographer

    I founded the Campaign for the Abolition of the Errant Apostrophe when I was a precocious know-all teenager, and am still the only member. However, Lynn Truss wrote the book which of course took the global load off my shoulders. I still want to scream at the top of my lungs when I see mattress’s on a hospital notice and apple’s on a grocer’s blackboard. Cheered me up no end reading your post, and as for the last couple of sentences – loud applause and cheering, definitely.

    • Emily

      Thanks! I would have joined your campaign for sure. I saw Lynn Truss read from her book at the British Library when it came out. People still don’t seem to get it though..

  5. lifeandothermisadventures

    It just goes to show that you’re a fabulous mom.

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