Hit The Road, Jack

I have made a Spotify playlist with Tom. He has chosen the songs for it and named it. It’s called The Magic Playlist Waterfall Collection and we’ve just been blasting it out while we do the brand new nightly tidy of the living room.

Tom was dancing wildly to The Lovecats when one of those massive spiders that everyone’s talking about shot out from under the sofa and across the rug. I froze, pretending not to be frightened. I’ve been doing this since Tom was a baby, hoping that one day he will heroically scoop up any arachnids we find in the house and dispose of them. I just didn’t think he’d be ready to do it so soon.

“It’s MASSIVE,” Tom said, in awe.

The spider had frozen too, on the edge of the rug.

“Erm. Just keep still,” I said, switching off the music and not taking my eyes of the beast.

“I know what to do!” Tom vanished upstairs and came back down with the water glass from by my bed in one hand and a scrap of loo roll in the other.

Gallantly, he strolled over to the spider and plonked the glass on top of it.


“There?” I was watching through splayed fingers.

“Yes. All I need to do now is put this toilet roll over the top of the glass and we can go and set him free outside.”

“Who taught you this?”


“This is brilliant Tom!”

“Oh, actually…”


“Well… he was a fast fella.”


“Hmmm, the glass has gone on top of him.”

“What do you mean, gone on top of him?”

“Well half of him is under it and half of him is outside of it. His legs are sticking out. I think I can see blood!”

“Oh, God. Is it moving?”

“No. I think he is absolutely dead.”

I cranked the playlist back up as we resumed tidying (working around the upturned glass – I wasn’t ready to deal with that.) Tom was singing along to Hit The Road Jack; bopping around as he picked up felt tips and marbles.

“Well, I bet that spider is having a good dance in Heaven now,” he sighed, then carried on tidying to the music.



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2 responses to “Hit The Road, Jack

  1. ah your knight in shinning armour…. Minutes scilence for the spider???

    • Emily

      Perhaps.. although the following day when he heard that song again, he said “I bet that spider’s still dancing in Heaven.” I wonder if the song will always remind him of the spider every time he hears it.. it will me.

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