We love MCR

That’s Manchester, not My Chemical Romance.

Manchester is home and Tom and I love it very much. We’re not there at the moment, we’re in the countryside. It’s beautiful and peaceful and a million miles from Manchester, but we’re thinking of our home city today and wishing we could be there for I Love Mcr Day.

A response to that horrible rioting a few weeks ago, I Love Mcr Day is all about showing how proud we are of our city (including Salford – the two go hand in hand for us.) If you’re in Manchester, get involved. Proceeds from the sale of I Love MCR t-shirts and the day go to Forever Manchester and RECLAIM,  a charity I am proud to have worked with and that is very close to my heart. Don’t miss the party in Exchange square, the free cakes, performances and all round brilliant, Mancunian atmosphere.

(Back to the web ban.)


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2 responses to “We love MCR

  1. Me too ! Not in Mcr yesterday (oh it’s gone midnight so I mean day before yesterday) but wished I could be. My home city, my roots. In Glossop not a million miles away but my heart was with them anyway. Had been wanting to shop in Mcr day after riot, to show we live and thrive despite the bastards, but thought I can’t get there before 3pm and they’ll be closing then… Think I’ll find one of those teeshirts. Liked your picture! xx

    • Emily

      Thank you for commenting, I hope you managed to get a t-shirt in the end. We missed Manchester, but we’re back now, getting rained on and walking past the architectural delight that is Salford Precinct. It’s good to be home.

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