One of the Boys

Twenty five adults, one five year old boy, one big camping trip. Surely Tom would irritate everyone? Surely he would get bored?



Playing football

Playing frisbee

Sitting in beer gardens

Collecting firewood

Eating ice cream

Building fires

Taking photographs

Making videos

Eating sausages fried on a camping stove

Falling in a river and laughing

Rescuing a stranded lamb

Rescuing a stranded fish (and actually inadvertently killing it, but he really thought he’d freed Willy.)

Being read the BFG by torch light

Crossing streams on rickety bridges

Rescuing insects with their limbs and wings in various states of disrepair

Exploring a crumbling farmhouse

Drawing ridiculous permanent marker tattoos on people

Sleeping in a teepee

Jumping in freezing Ullswater

Spotting an enormous caterpillar

Enjoying many piggy backs and shoulder rides, some along sheer ridges of mountain paths

Stripping off to his bare chest when the sun came out, just like the grown ups (well, the men anyway.)


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2 responses to “One of the Boys

  1. Sounds like he had a great time 😀

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