Last Chance to Speak Out

I know I’ve nagged about this, but it really is wrong.Please please if you haven’t already, take five minutes to email and tell them that you think the proposals to charge parents with care to claim the maintenance their children are entitled to is unjust. This Tory proposal assumes that people are able to make their own amicable arangements and punishes and penalises them if this is not possible – not only charging them an initial £100 to open a claim, but deducting as much as 12% from any maintenance collected. 97% of parents with care are women and ultimately it is children from Britain’s poorest homes who will suffer if this outrageous proposal goes through.Today’s the last day to speak out, so make yourself heard, especially if you’re a single parent who this affects. Don’t be apathetic. If you think it’s unjust but aren’t affected, imagine if you were. Look at this wonderful letter to Theresa May from Gingerbread and this excellent article from today’s Guradian. Please just take five minutes to say you think it’s unjust and why – this can’t happen.


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6 responses to “Last Chance to Speak Out

  1. “but deducting as much as 12% from any maintenance collected” how can they do that? what exactly does it mean.
    In the meantime I am going to spread this story on twitter and facebook

    • Emily

      Hi, the proposal is to deduct between 7 and 12% of any child maintenance collected as payment for the service (on top of the initial £100 fee – plus a charge of 20%25% of maintenance to the non-resident parent.) Thank you for spreading the word. I hope the Government see sense.

  2. I did this today because of your blog. I hope never to need the CSA but (as i told them) I think helping parents such as yourself is exactly the sort of thing they should spend my taxes on.

    • Emily

      Thank you for taking the time to take action. I gave up using the CSA, but thousands of children in families similar to mine will suffer if this ruling goes ahead. Fingers crossed the Tories will realise that amicable arrangements are an impossibility for many. Thank you.

  3. 24601

    I am a single parent. I have never received a penny in maintenance from my ex. I agree with the Government’s proposals in that, when asking a third party to provide a service that costs money (in this case the tax-payer currently foots the bill) then one should pay for that service. However, you are right that this is injust. If the absent parent paid up as they should then the problem would not arise. The obvious solution is to charge the absent parent the fee and meet non-payment with the full force of the law, as would happen if they did not pay their Council Tax.

  4. 24601

    Just to clarify my previous comment, none of the maintenance should be taken from the children, all charges to the absent parent should be additional.

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