Less Coffee, More Adult Conversation

“Hurry up Green Man, it’s freezing.”

Wearing a circle skirted dress for the school run on a gusty day wasn’t the wisest choice. I waddled all the way there, clutching it against my sides. When I was handed a boy, a book bag, a PE kit and a Mothers’ Day card, I forgot about it and it flew up in my face.

“This crossing is taking forever,” I said, wrestling with the book bag and the parcel and the wayward skirt, Tom clinging to my little finger. “Where is the Green Man?”

“Maybe he’s gone on holiday.”

“You think so? Where do you reckon he’s gone?”


“Nice. I don’t think he can just go on holiday without asking another green man to stand in for him though, otherwise no one would be able to cross the road safely while he was away.”

“I know! He rang the other green man and said ‘Hiya mate, will you do my job for me when I’m on holiday?'”

“Maybe. There’s got to be something in it for him though. Perhaps he’ll bring him back a present.”

“Yeah. Yeah, he’ll bring him back a pair of slippers and a keyring.”

“What if they wanted to go on holiday together though?”

“There are loads of green men. Infinity green men.”

“What if they all wanted to go to the Green Man festival on the same weekend?”

“Is there really a festibull called the Green Man Festibull?”


“Can we go to it?”

“Maybe one day.”

Then the lights changed.



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2 responses to “Less Coffee, More Adult Conversation

  1. So long as he isn’t sojourning in the red light district, all is well with the world 🙂 Nice, windy moment!

  2. lol brilliant conversation. Way better than the ones you sometimes have with adults.

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