International Women’s Day

I was going to write a blog post about International Women’s Day. I’ve been half-planning it while standing in the shower, when I’ve been lying awake at night and in the ten minutes between dropping Tom off at school and sitting down at my desk to work. I wanted to mention the proposed charges for the CSA, because although it isn’t always the father who’s absent in a one parent family, in 97% of cases it is. Family and friends keep asking me why I’m putting so much energy into my protest against that when it isn’t relevant to us any more, but it’s because it’s not just about me and Tom.

I was going to write a post about International Women’s Day, but I am knackered. Life’s pretty exhausting at the moment, but I know it isn’t anywhere near as difficult for me as it is for others. So, instead of reading any more shattered drivel from me, please take two minutes to watch this breathtaking video from


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3 responses to “International Women’s Day

  1. Sad and touching, yet optimistic.

  2. Sarah Mack

    Hadnt checked out your blog in a while and have enjoyed reading bits and bobs for the last half hour or so. You are such a talented writer and am glad to hear things are going ahead with the book. Lovely to hear about all of you & Tom’s adventures! xxx

    • Emily

      Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for reading. ‘Tom’ still has the gorgeous bear you bought him when you came to see him. In fact, he chose it to take to teddy bear’s picnic at school a few weeks ago. He was seven weeks old that day and had just learnt to smile. And I think you probably came with me on my second afterbirth night out that evening. We went to the same place, with tinny speakers and nothing but the Strokes. Time flies etc. Hope you’re well! xx

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