Up You Go Mum

Blue Monday is a load of rubbish invented solely for the purpose of PR.  That’s what I thought this morning, when I kept getting emails about it.

After that, I realised my mobile phone had been cut off because the bill must have bounced, but it’s two weeks until I get paid. I knew I shouldn’t have gone out on Saturday night, but Tom was at his Auntie J’s and I’d barely left the house since Christmas.

I do get fed up of paying for everything.

Oh well, I thought, there’s food in the cupboards, I’ll have a shower and watch the Giving Birth Programme.

I really need to learn not to watch the Giving Birth Programme. I should have especially known not to watch it on Blue Monday. I did though and I saw the Most Beautiful Girl in the World look serene –  alluring, even –  as she had a graceful water birth in her bikini and only screamed once.

When I was in the shower, I got three text messages, one email and one Facebook comment asking me if I was watching BBC One. I wasn’t, because I was in the shower. I asked around and found out that the thing I had missed that everyone thought I should watch was the Britain’s Missing Dads Programme. I should have stepped away, but I knew it was there so I was always going to look. I actively sought it out on iPlayer.

Bloody blue Monday.

Far worse things happen in the world though.

I took the advice of the hapless 22-year-old boyfriend of The Most Beautiful Girl in the World. He hadn’t been keen on the idea of the baby and said something about trying to see the positives of a situation because otherwise it will knock you down. And the reason why the Giving Birth Programme and the Deadbeat Dads Programme made me feel sad is the positive in this situation. The one who made me really proud with his outstanding ability to be able to read the words “up”, “you” and “go” at bedtime. The one who bumped out of bed and went to the loo while I was writing this, allowing me to go and tuck him back in and say goodnight in for the second time tonight.

So I’ll shut up now and write some of the book before I go up to bed, because really, that’s what the whole thing’s about.



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2 responses to “Up You Go Mum

  1. You inspire me – I’m trying to write a book, too. I emailed you a tale about it a while ago. I’m on the other end of them learning to read – you go up. Mine are out of the house, but the ways they’ve left and have been ‘launched’, shall we say, are what the novel is about. Still, I have my own blue monday here – and have to get over it – because this is also what the damn book is about. (Whew did you get that?) Thank you – is what I’m trying to say.

  2. as a mom my self i can really relate to this character i never get to go out thanks to my kids but i do love them all i want to know is where can i get a copy

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