Two felt tip tattoos, one on each forearm, spreading down to the hands and the fingers in red and green. One a rat, one an “Indian pattern.” (No idea where that came from, but not India.) I’ve scrubbed and scrubbed at them and they won’t budge, like a stubborn club stamp on a Sunday night.

“We really need to try and get rid of the tattoos,” I said, “I’m not sending you to school looking like that.”

“I’ve got an idea.”

“Go on…”

“Just don’t send me to school.”


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2 responses to “Rebel

  1. Strangely enough, I’ve just been tattoing my own arm for a review for Screen150 (

    (The picture – – may not make much sense unless you know that it’s a review of 127 Hours which features a man chopping his arm off after suffering Scooby Doo hallucinations.)

    • Emily

      …it’s very applicable then. It’s a talking point. Get it done. I once met a bloke who had question mark tattoos. He kept saying “People always ask me why I have question marks tattooed on me. That’s exactly the point though. Why?” The conversation didn’t last too long. Unlike this comment. I might be having Scooby Doo hallucinations soon. Or worst still, ones about the gruesome hanging skeleton that comes with the Scooby Doo Pirate Castle Playset. It’s a toy. Good thing the protagonist of 127 hours hasn’t ever come across it.

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