All You need is Love (and Golden Star Glitter)

My friends got engaged two and a half years ago.

“Won’t it be strange?” We all said, “Tom will have started school by the time the big day comes.”

And then it arrived: a gorgeous, sunny autumn day in the Cheshire countryside with the leaves on the trees not golden but acid yellow.

At the back of my mind, I thought I might have  a man by the time that 2.5 years had passed (at least a man sensible and grown-up enough to take to a wedding.)  I had forgotten about this, until I arrived and saw that most of the guests came in pairs. I’m not used to that world.

I’d objected to Tom wearing a suit and wanted him to be comfortable on the day, until my friends asked him to be the Ring Bearer. It became apparent that he would have to have a suit. Luckily, Mum stepped in a bought one because she knew I never would. It was navy blue and nowhere near as naff as I expected.

“I have a very important job,” he kept telling people, “carrying some earrings on a pillow.”

I ordered confetti online and explained to Tom what it is.

“I do want to throw something,” he frowned, “But not confetti. Can I throw golden star glitter on them instead?” So golden star glitter it was.

During the ceremony, I did a reading. When I sat down afterwards, Tom, who was sitting in the row in front, turned around and gave me the double thumbs up and a huge smile. Soon, it was time for the rings. Tom did a brilliant job and looked so thrilled for his beloved Auntie and Uncle.  He sat beautifully afterwards, twisting the ribbon on the ring cushion in front of him, then turned to me and said “Mum, look, I have made the ribbon into a love heart.”

As we followed the bride down the aisle, a string quartet played All You Need is Love. Of course, Tom recognised it and piped up singing straight away. And later, when the evening music started, he was on the dancefloor before the happy couple. His behaviour was (mostly) good, the day was happy and it was all good practice for the next wedding we are attending, this weekend (yes, another one.)

There aren’t many decent blokes around (although Anna’s new husband is definitely one of them.)  I am turning to a cynic as I hurtle towards 30. Writing the book has got me realising what a silly little girl I used to be when it came to men. Even relatively recently, I still hadn’t learnt, but now I realise it would be good to bump into someone who sits half way between out-of-control and downright boring. At the moment, I haven’t got time for one even if I knew where to find one. No lover’s going to be interested in someone who gives themselves strict word count targets and stays up writing until the early hours, nor a woman whose bedroom looks like a jumble sale because of it.  Men and raves are on hold for a bit, the book is all I can devote sleepless nights to.

Fate sent me Tom, so it will send me the kind of man you can take to a wedding. In the meantime, I’ve got an excellent conversationalist who loves his music, is a bit of a romantic and (I have to admit) looks alright in a suit.


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49 responses to “All You need is Love (and Golden Star Glitter)

  1. That was a very nice story 🙂 Finish that book!! 🙂 I wish I could finish me!

  2. I’ve just gotten into the mindset that I don’t have time for a relationship….and I’m only 20.

  3. :P

    Made me “:)”. I like Tom already.

  4. James

    First… Very well written post.

  5. I love the Golden Star Glitter! Gotta have BLING!! How fabulous! Sounds like it worked out…and it will in the future.

  6. He sounds like a distinguished little chap…enjoy these years with him! Don’t waste a second! Then, when he finds a love of his own years from now, YOU can be the one throwing golden star glitter when he walks down the aisle!

  7. Loved it–it made me smile! Thanks for the post.

  8. Great post. Loving the rest of your blog as well. When you least expect it you will come upon a man you can take to a wedding. When my daughter was 4 (and I was 28), it happened for me. We’ve been attending weddings together (too often for my taste!) for almost 4 years now. Enjoy your little one, he sounds awesome.

  9. well done on summing up the last decade of my life in one post! and congrats on being freshly pressed.

  10. Too cute! One of my old flat mates recently had a son (unplanned) and is about to embark on her own version of the “Shitty Twenties.” I’m definitely going to forward her the link to your blog!

  11. Agatha82

    What a lovely post. He looks like a cutie and you’ll always have him, no matter what. I’m sure one day, you’ll meet the right bloke who will not only appreciate you but your lovely son.
    Congrats for making it on Freshly Pressed!

  12. Much as I hate to admit it, I’m an incurable romantic too

  13. So lovely. Hang in there with the book and the men. I’m sure that both will bring you to a new place and perhaps one you never expected. How great that you have Tom with you on the journey.

  14. Veronica

    oooh, It’s too sweet!!! I love it!!! Love makes the world go round…!!! Kisses, V
    nb.visit my personal site and blog!! 😉

  15. I love this post! 🙂 I think sometimes we have to take some time to find ourselves, love ourselves, and our lives before we can find that special person. Sounds like Tom is a nice little partner in the process!! Thanks for sharing & congrats on being freshly pressed! (If you’re interested, check out my blog about finding that self-love:

  16. Veronica

    Oooooh, it’s too sweet!!! I love it!!! Love makes the world go around!!! Kisses, V.

    nb.pls visit my personal site and blog!

  17. Luku

    Lovely post. Tom sounds like an amazing little man!

  18. Your little man sounds wonderful, while you wait for one who’s a little taller. Best wishes.

  19. Ed

    Lovely post – and you sound like a great catch for some lucky man

  20. Grace

    Interesting… thank you for sharing! Golden star glitter… that’s the way to go!

  21. What a gorgeous little man… there’s something about the comments made by under 5’s that often speaks of a wisdom that over 50’s only dream of.

  22. starbucksfairy

    i loove it 🙂

  23. Kim Pugliano

    First of all, congrats on being Freshly Pressed. The editors chose well. Secondly – I am almost 40 years old and met my 2nd (current, and last) husband almost 4 years ago. I let him know right away I was a package deal; my son (then 7) and I. My ex husband chose his girlfriend and her family over the one he started with me. I loved being a single mom and making the rules for us. It made finding my current husband (although I kinda think he found us) even more meaningful (if that makes sense). Oh you just wait. When you’re looking for a spouse rather than a man to start a family with it’s SO MUCH BETTER.

  24. This is so sweet… I love it. Sounds like your doing quite okay as a single mother with that little man of yours. So you have goals and direction, too. I would think a decent man would be happy to have you in his life, once he finds you–messy bedroom and all!

  25. that’s soooo cute :”> more power to you!

  26. ianyce

    .,awww so sweet yougn man. 🙂 nice post like it 😛

  27. So sweet and true. Kids just play it that way. Congrats on getting freshly pressed. I hope to be back again soon.

  28. Kay

    That is beautiful! Hang in there, girl. I’m headed right down the road towards cynicism as well, but I still hold a shred of hope in my heart of hearts. Tom sounds like a great guy. 😉

  29. marlowesnymph

    This is so bittersweet. I don’t mean to say you sound bitter of course, just that this is so beautiful about you and your son, but kind of sad about the lack of an adult companion. I’m glad you have Tom, and I’m sure that you will eventually find someone absolutely perfect for you. You sound like a very special woman. Maybe that perfect, not-too-boring-not-too-crazy guy will even like the golden star glitter. 🙂

  30. I think your post was so real…… to find the silver lining- enjoy this time with your boy. The reality is that when a man does move into your life, it will not be all sunshine. It is hard work!!! It comes with two individuals trying to figure out how much of you they can actually have- and to be honest, it can be an emotional rollercoaster.

    I recently attended a blended family workshop. Something interesting that was said was that most second marriages end in divorce, because of the children. So something to always keep in the back of your mind……

    When it feels like it could be a family, then it may just be the one.

  31. I came across this lovely post and I must say that it made my day.
    Your writings fascinate me, and so do Tom. I’ll definitely be back.

    Thank you for sharing.

  32. That’s so sweet! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! I’m sure you’ll meet that man someday, when the time is right and it’ll definitely be worth the wait 🙂

    Don’t let go of that hope!

  33. Great post and love the glitter comment. Your son sounds precious and you are lucky for that. You have more going for you than you may realize…you are obviously doing a good job as a mom, you have close friends, and you have a passion for your writing. Hang in there!

    Congrats on being freshly pressed!

  34. Megs

    Tom sounds utterly adorable, and I’m sure fate will intervene again when she’s ready 🙂

  35. That’s a touching story.
    Finish that book because your being supported by someone who cares.
    And I’m pretty famous around here…

  36. Love your honesty. I am a single mother too and I have found that the moment you stop looking for Mr. Right is the moment Mr. Right finds you.

  37. What a great story! I am also writing a book and have nearly given up on finding a decent man as my 30s approach. Just concentrating on one thing at a time…


  38. Aww, I love this!! It sounds like you are very lucky, and I think Tom sounds like a wonderful date. Better than many of the dates in the past several months!!

    I’ll tell you what everyone has loved telling me … you will find someone when you are not looking for them. When you least expect it. And suddenly, you’ll have this person in your life that will complement (and maybe complete) your family, and you will be happy. And you’ll forget what it even felt like before this person was not in your life.

    I’m dating someone seriously now, although I can’t say I’m positive yet that it’s forever. But he does make me happy, and I wish that for you too.

  39. sylvietoldyouso

    Nice post, freshly (and well) pressed 🙂

  40. It is always a wonderful thing with the best joys in life come with unexpected packages 🙂

    I am extremely close with my older cousin, and she recently had a boy. I give her all my love because she too is a single mom. I shall forward this to her, thank you.

  41. sayitinasong

    What an absolutely adorable post. And yes, the universe will send someone your way when the time is right. Everything happens for a reason. Good luck with your writing, may you have many fruitful writing days (and nights)…. ;o)

  42. hey, what nice story!
    i like this

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