Catch-Up Notes

Friendly pigeons and my main view of Madrid

This post is not going to be linear. It’s a mish mash of all the things that have been happening lately that have meant I haven’t been updating my blog like a part-time blogger should. I keep sending people text messages saying that I am spinning too many plates, or that I have got too much on my plate. The only genuine plate-related problem I have is the stack of dirty ones in my sink. Being houseproud is the last thing on my mind right now.

When I was a teenager and I didn’t write in my diary for a couple of weeks (i.e.  there was temporarily no boy on the scene. Whenever there was, I wrote plenty.) I used to do a double page spread with ‘CATCH-UP NOTES’ scrawled across the top then a load of bullet points. I still have my diary from 1997, it’s great. The catch up notes I can write here said things like:

  • I went to Preston and got in Tokyo Jo’s – really good.
  • I still smoke.
  • I skive PE and Physics every week.
  • There was a massive bitchy row but we’re all friends again now.
  • I bleached my hair and it went yellow.
  • My room is still a mess.

I will find a moment in the middle of the night to write a proper blog post soon. Until then, here are my October 2010 Catch Up Notes:

  • I took Tom to Disney on Ice and reviewed it here.
  • I went to  see my friend in Madrid but discovered at the airport that I had no money whatsoever. We had a raucous Friday night out on supermarket rum and spent the rest of the weekend in bed, listening to the eclectic sounds that echo around the courtyard of her flat: Latino music, cooing pigeons, fighting dogs, two Spanish ladies rowing loudly about cooking.
  • I had a birthday. “How old are you?” asked Tom. “28,” I said. “Oh no, if I say that many hip-hip-hoorays, I’ll be late for school.”
  • The cuts are ridiculous and the oxymoron that is a Liberal / Conservative coalition Government continues to baffle me. I will find time to write about this soon because it is very important.
  • I missed loads of the Manchester Literature Festival, including clever fellow plate-spinner Jenn Ashworth doing a reading with her boy tucked under her arm at the launch of eavesdropping book Bugged.
  • It was the Manchester Blog Awards again already. I was a judge. I also did a reading. Congratulations to everyone who was shortlisted and won. Click here to see..
  • At the Blog Awards, I announced the fact that the wonderful Salt Publishing will be publishing the book to go with this blog next year. I have a lot of work to do but it is all very exciting.
  • Salt also published the Birth Machine by Elizabeth Baines. I went to the relaunch the other night. The cover is stunning and disturbing and the content that I have managed to read so far is brilliant.
  • I sleep little and drink lots of coffee.
  • I bleached my hair and it went yellow.
  • My room is still a mess.

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  1. I just saw your blog in the homepage of wordpress and i’m loving your writing style! writing is a passion of mine as well, and i also keep diaries (although i don’t write as much anymore)… but i did do those bullet point-updates as well! it just amused me to be reading something that could have easily been my own words (based on the common things we do).

    i think i will be reading more of your blogs. cheers! 🙂

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