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I wasn’t going to go to Glastonbury this year, but a very good friend arranged a last-minute pass and I found myself bombing down to the West Country as the sun set on that hot Friday. A few hours earlier, I had found out I had a book deal. By the time we had arrived and settled in, the sun was begining to rise. It was a magical moment and it all hit me at once: the general feeling of freedom that comes with being at the best festival in the world, coupled with the fact that my life ambition to write a book was about to come true. Glastonbury 2010 was basically the best three days of my life. Then I came back and reality set in. Other stuff happened that made me question how good I am at being a mother. I worked on the book, but began to feel nervous about writing down real life. I worried that people would criticise me for writing so openly about mine and my son’s life, but what is the point in trying to disguise the story as a novel?

As it happens, I am very open with Tom about our situation and he is mature for his age and seems to ‘get it’. He is my son and I know him best. He is loved unconditionally by me and the rest of the family and I would never write anything that would hurt him. With that in mind, I need to stop worrying about what people think and just get on with it.

The book is going to be out next June. At the moment, it feels like a lot of pieces that need fitting together. I have got a lot of work to do. And on Sunday morning, I managed to secure a ticket to Glastonbury 2011. I have got a couple of trips and a couple of weddings lined up between now and the end of the year, but from now on, my social life stops. It stops and I write the book. And every time I feel stuck or scared, I am going to look at this photograph, which I took on a crappy old camera phone in that moment, sunrise on Pennard Hill, when it hit me about the book.  Keep my head down and stick with it and I’ll have that view again the same time next year. Surely the only thing better than a weekend at Glastonbury having just found out you’ve got a book deal is a weekend at Glastonbury having just published your first book. Now it’s time to stop writing about writing and write.


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15 responses to “Right: Write

  1. jessie

    How exciting! And I completely agree with your plan to write what you think is best and let people who want to whine about it be damned. No one’s asked THEM to write a book, after all. 😉 I’ll bet you anything that Tom is going to be very, very proud of you and will be thrilled to have such a wonderful record of your lovely life together so far. In all the blog posts I’ve ever read, Tom is clearly protected and presented as a joy, a delight, and an inspiration – I wish I had a book that made me come off that way. Wish I had a book about me, period!

  2. We all need those little tricks to remind us that writing needs to be done. That’s a stonking picture; no wonder it’s inspiring you.

    Good luck with the writing. Go on; go and get on with it.

    • Emily

      Thank you. I am going to get it enlarged as big as I can (not very as it was taken on such a crappy camera phone) and pin it to the wall!

  3. Ian

    Yeah, that would do it.

    Good look with the scribing.

  4. You go girl xxx write zeeee book! x

    • Emily

      Thanks Maria, I need a rocket launcher to get me going sometimes! You wrote real life though and I know your son is proud, that’s very inspiring to me xx

  5. B

    Have been reading your blog quietly for a while now and look forward to reading the book. You have such an inspiring story, good luck with the writing!!

  6. I think that writing about real life can be more difficult than writing fiction. There’s always the possibility of offending somebody, for a start. I recently read a personal history of a small rural village, with caustic comments about neighbouring houses, the state of their gardens, the state of the village, etc. The author was complained about in his local press and I think he lost a few friends. But then, when you have a burning desire to write something, you just have to get on and write it…

    • Emily

      Thanks. I think I have got the knack of how to do it now. Jesus, I grew up in a rural village and my name would be mud if I wrote what I wanted to say about that place!!

  7. BRILLIANT!!!!!! Forget about what anyone else thinks and write the book you want to. I can’t wait to read it 🙂 xxx

  8. subtitlesonly

    I don’t know where to begin, after following a link on a RT on Twitter, commenting on a photo, that wasn’t taken at the same place at the same time, and reading a few of your most recent entries, I was drawn back to your first entry September 2007, and have spent the last 24 hours reading every blog you have made since. I rarely read, unless it’s music related, and so am astounded at the hold your blog has had over me. I have laughed out lied, cried (with you, not at you- only onion tears, of course) and shared some of the immense pleasure your gift of writing must have given to many others. I too, as an outsider, feel your love of this great city of Manchester, it’s music, art and culture (Bring back the Urbis !). I just had to try and express to you the pleasure you have given me over the last 24 hours. I guess the sad thing is that your impending book means you are less likely to be blogging (or tidying) in the coming months, but wish you every success and look forward to reading your book on publication. Just make sure it’s completed before Glastonbury 2011, you cannot possibly miss it.

    many many many thanks 😀

    • Emily

      Wow thank you. It is always encouraging to know that my blog reaches out to different audiences and I hope the book will do the same. Your comments really mean a lot to me. Glastonbury 2011 is going to be wild. See you on Pennard at sunrise!

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