Faffing About

Much faffing about has been done by me as I toy with the idea of closing this blog down altogether, giving it a less offensive (but frankly twee) name or starting completely from scratch. In the meantime I have missed writing about a diverse summer, involving a magnificent trip to Turkey, Glastonbury, the sad chasm between non-parent friends and myself, the beginning of The Book, a job offer that I had to decline (because I got offered an even better one) and a whole load of other stuff which would have probably made good blog fodder.

Summer is always a funny time because I found out I was pregnant on 7th July and I struggle to get past that milestone every year without looking back. Now it’s been five years and it feels like we’re officially up and running and I don’t really want to hark back to all that horrible stuff from the beginning. I used to gaze for ages at 2005 but now I am happy with a quick, cursory glance. It felt as though the name of this blog was something very negative, because it came from that horrible email I got, telling me to enjoy my shitty, snotty, vomitty twenties. The thing is, I suppose the whole point of the blog is that I did get that email and I am enjoying my shitty, snotty, vomitty twenties a lot, thank you very much. So really, it is a positive name.  And they are shitty sometimes, to be honest. And I have just over two years of them left, so maybe I should make the most of being able to write a blog about being in my twenties at all, be they shitty or not, while I can.

Tom is off school with chicken pox. Not a false-alarm, or an allergic reaction, or a heat rash, or a non-specific viral rash but the actual, genuine chicken pox. At last. It really isn’t as dramatic as I remember it being when I was a child. I used the calamine lotion once because it felt like my duty as a mother to douse him in it, but he hasn’t actually complained of itching. The smell of the calamine lotion transported me back to Mum’s grey plastic medicine basket. I remembered everything being calpol-sticky and there never being a plaster the right size for the wound in question. I don’t own a medicine box. Someone told me that bicarbonate of soda baths would fix the chicken pox quicker, so I went to Morrisons and bought four tubs. I kept asking for bicarbonate of sober. My bath has never looked so clean! And Tom’s spots have healed pretty fast too: I think it is time for me to send him back to school for his last week before summer. The living room is littered with remnants of his week off, like his Super Duper Computer (a piece of cardboard folded in half, with keys and a screen drawn on the inside to make it look like a laptop) and plates full of Soreen crumbs. Actually, we have pretty much lived off Soreen recently and a few weeks ago, I turned down a big promotional box of it because I don’t do reviews. Does that count as product placement? It is actually true. I might email the Soreen person again…

I wrote a blog post from paradise (the camp we found in Turkey) in my notebook, I’ll put it up here soon. Until then, here’s a couple of sunrises – one from Turkey and one from Glastonbury. Both felt really good to look at in real life.



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9 responses to “Faffing About

  1. Oooh were you in the tipi field then? Gorgeous photograph. Am glad to hear that you’re having a good summer so far – congrats on getting offered an even better job – and that you’re getting off fairly lightly with the old chicken pox. I can remember my daughter being so covered in the spots that she had them on the inside of her eyelids. The poor child couldn’t bear to look at herself in the mirror.

  2. From a purely traffic point of view, I would keep the name – it gets by far the most click throughs of any of the links on my blogroll!

    I’m very jealous about the Glastonbury trip – we didn’t go this year for the first time in a few years and typically that meant it was gloriously sunny the whole time. Grr..

  3. i love your blog name. it stands out. and you can always spend the next few years thinking about something to do with your thirties?
    thrilling thirties
    thoughtful thirties
    thumping thirties
    thirsty thirties?
    hmm, you’ll have to put your unique spin on that, they don’t have the same ring to them as shitty twenties.


  4. Lizzi

    Hi there, only started reading recently, due to some research I was doing, and I seriously love the name. It’s catchy and it means something to those 20-something’s who find themselves in the same sort of situation. I recommended to my sister, as she’s just going through that now at the age of 23. I think you are amazing and should keep up the good work!

  5. I’m quite a new reader of your blog but I love the name -I think its very relatable for a lot of women who are bringing their kid(s) up in their twenties (me!).

  6. Trina

    Dont change a thing Em. Those bothered by the word shitty would miss your message anyways. Best, Trina

  7. Hoorah! If it ain’t broke ‘n’ all that…it’s a fab name…glad you are back on it x

  8. Eve K

    Hi i love your blog and your name is great. You are right, it is you blog and you can decide on the negative or positive spin. It’s your 20’s do it your way!

  9. Hello : ) I have only recently found your blog (via blog of my lovely friend Caroline Smailes) and I would be really sad if you stopped now as I have only just found it and love your honest , truthful and posts (and the humour often inherent in them – Northern , I am guessing ? : D – Me too : D ) I love the name too – keep it ! Maybe once you hit 30 you could change it to something else suitably potty mouthed – I wanted to call my blog ‘Forty and F ****d ‘ but did feel that it was a bridge too far and may attract visitors of questionable intent . So I went for twee instead : D Anyway , I shall at least now be able to read back through your posts , and enjoy . Good Luck, whatever you decide : )

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