The Haiti Post

“The snow… the ice… it’s trecherous! It’s ridiculous!”

This time last week I was still stuck at home with Tom, whose school was apparently still inaccessible. The enchantment of the snow had quickly warn off. Deep piles of bright, powdery stuff had been replaced by a slippery crust that was almost impossible to walk on. Eventually, school reopened on Tuesday and getting there was a tricky choice between slip-sliding along the pavement or walking in the middle of the road, where there was no ice, but a lot of cars.

“I am fed up of winter.” Tom moaned, when I dragged him up from another near-fall. “Whose idea was it to send all this snow?”

“Mother Nature.”

“Who’s she?”

“She’s the lady who decides about the weather.”

“Where does she live?”

“In the sky.” I was chucking out any old answers to his questions as I concentrated on keeping us both upright. “She’s got an office in the sky.”

“Does she sit at a desk?”


“Has she got a computer?”

“Yeah, she’s got a big screen with a picture of the world on it and she decides who gets what weather.”

“Well I’m fed up with Mother Nature,” said Tom.

Of course, Mother Nature doesn’t just do weather. I’m pretty sure earthquakes are her department too. So, I and millions of others are really fed up with her because of what happened in Haiti. It breaks my heart when these things happen, as they so often do, to places that are poverty-stricken and helpless. I want to do something, so many of us want to do something.

I am not going to write here today about the banal details of mine and Tom’s lives. January has been a difficult month, but now I realise how trivial all of that is. This blog has a lot of readers. Today, I implore every single one of you to donate to Haiti. Maybe you have been meaning to donate since it happened and are a bit overwhelmed by all the different appeals for aid. Perhaps, like me, you’re skint. If you are, you don’t know true poverty and hopefully your overdraft will allow you a pound or so. Maybe you’ve donated already. If you have, donate again. Go to the Bloggers for Haiti page and follow the easy instructions. It doesn’t take long.

None of us can argue with Mother Nature or undo her work. All we can offer is the smallest of gestures that might help fix Haiti, a task immeasurably greater than digging a school out of the snow.



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6 responses to “The Haiti Post

  1. I’ve already donated to DEC but will stick a few pounds on the Bloggers page too.

  2. It really does put our own concerns into perspective doesn’t it?

  3. maryfclark

    Long queue at the supermarket behind someone with 3 screaming kids while my two argue doesn’t hold a candle to Haiti…and it was already so broken, so destitute.

  4. I returned to work as a news producer this week and I’ve been working on the Haiti disaster. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s going to take years and years for this country , which was already so poor, to recover.

  5. zed

    Thanks for that link.

    It’s not until you sit down for supper which you take for granted, however cheap it may be, that you realise that there are some people who don’t even have supper.

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